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T by email

 Oct, 2014

Russell By Email 2017


Got the BNC->RCA adapter tonight.  Connected microRendu USB -> ISO-SPDIF.  Connected ISO-SPDIF coax -> Metrum Octave.  Metrum Octave to amp.


Powered everybody up.  Spun up some music.




Worked like a champ.  No hassles, no hickups, no issues.  Easy peasy.


Right now we're listening on a set of Klipsch 8" co-axial speakers, installed in the ceiling (!!!) so I can only imagine what this stuff is going to sound like through real speakers.  We have a pair of Ohm Walsh tall 1000's on order, should be here in a couple of weeks.


We probably won't leave the house for a week.


Thank you so much for a great product, and for incredibly prompt and responsive customer service.  Remarkable in this day and age.  It is much appreciated!