5V Supercapacitor Power Supply

5V Supercapacitor Power Supply

The ISO-PS is a supercapacitor power supply using multiple Nesscap (Maxwell) 350F ultracapacitors (5V version uses 3 capacitors; 7V version uses 4, etc). These capacitors have an internal impedance of <3.2mohm delivering voltage outputs with current output ratings upto 3 Amps (but huge instantaneous current delivery headroom) hence the stability of the power supply when under dynamic load conditions - a fundamentally important characteristic needed for the power to audio devices.


The important feature in all these PS designs is that there is NO voltage regulator between the supercapacitors & the output - the current is delivered directly from the supercapacitors which makes a large difference to the sound when powering devices in the audio chain. It's a growing realisation that voltage regulators (even the best ones) react to dynamic current draws (because of their feedback method of voltage regulation). The largest improvement in audibility is found when supercapacitors directly power audio devices themselves such as DACs, etc but it also seems to have a audible benefit powering any device in the audio chain.


Both voltage outputs are the same voltage (chosen by the purchaser). Apologies for the picture which shows different voltages for each output.


ISO-PS Case Sizes: 

  • output voltage 5V to 12V  - case size 160 * 165 * 53mm
  • output voltage >12V - case size 220 * 165 * 53mm


Package also includes

  • one or two two heavy gauge, 5 Amp DC cable(s) with a 2.5mm barrel plug at one end & a 2.1mm barrel plug at the other end. These cables can be plugged either way into the new 2.1mm output socket which means the far end